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1st Grade News - 2/29/16

1st Grade News

Enriching Spelling Words:
Our district utilizes Reading Wonders for our basal program and I find I need to supplement a great deal with the writing process component.  This week, students read and learned about how people work with animals so we worked on narrative writing skills and wrote about how to take care of a pet. 

Many students don't have pets in their homes so the first thing we did was a little research using books in our classroom library and iPad apps.  Talking with friends and discussing ideas is a huge part of the writing process in first grade, and a lot of fun too!

We looked through the writing organization rubric to clarify expectations.  For this activity, we created the opening sentence together.
  After reviewing expectations and discussing ideas with friends, students completed another pre-writing activity:


At this time of year, most students are progressing toward understanding of the skills because of the level of support provided; it won't be long however, and these kiddos will apply skills independently.  :)

How to Take Care of a Pet Link

Leap Year 2016!

Students in my class were interested in Leap Year and I wasn't sure how to tie it into curriculum so we worked on writing skills with the topic - Leap Year Memories.  A few of these friends have been quite busy in January and February. :)

I love you too, Cameron!  :)
This fella was disgruntled with the Cavaliers for trading Anderson Verajao. 
Leap Year 2016 Memories Documents
Bulletin Board Poster and Student Writing Page

I hope you enjoy a wonderful week filled with lots of learning!

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