Sunday, February 7, 2016

1st Grade News 2/8/16

Super Bowl Sunday:
Most students in my class predict a win for the Panthers.  According to my
and seven year olds (who knew a lot more than I did!) the Panthers will win based on these stats:
Cam Newton scored touchdowns.
Luke Kuechly is the best defensive player.
Their regular season record was 15-1.
I think it's fun to watch the commercials on Super Bowl Sunday, but I'll definitely tune into the game to make sure I can join conversations with my little football enthusiasts tomorrow.  :)
On this four-day week, we are preparing for Open House.  First graders love sharing their work with moms, dads, siblings and grandparents.  For a change, these little learners get to be the experts as they proudly share school work and routines.
Link for this week's newsletter
Penguin Activities (4-page document)

Students referenced magazines, books, the Animal Encyclopedia App and Scholastic News to locate characteristics of penguins and how they adapt to their environment.
 Some enjoyed reading aloud and others chose to listen to a friend read.
Students worked in small groups to locate information.
This group found informational text about penguins on RAZ Kids!


Scholastic News Magazine
Students worked independently or with partners on this making words activity.  Magnetic ABC is a wonderful app for this skill.

A sampling of 1st grade writings...

We added this tissue paper craft to a bulletin board display.

These first graders did a great job locating information about behavioral and structural adaptations of penguins!


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