Monday, May 16, 2016

1st Grade News 5/16/16

Enrichment Spelling List:

Opinion Writing

What is an opinion?  
An opinion is the way you think or feel about something.

And first graders aren't shy about expressing their thoughts or feelings!  :)

Link for Bulletin Board Header

Conversations with friends are a big part of the prewriting process in our first grade writing program. 

"Turn and Talk Time"

For this writing piece, students chose their favorite time of year and identified a few reasons for choosing that season.  After jotting down reasons on the prewriting worksheet, students came up with an example for each reason.  They used their writing plans to work on writing independently.  

"windy, fall days..."

"prefer rainy weather in the spring..."

-two pages with reasons for enjoying winter and spring...

"summer weather is best..."

"winter is the best..."

"spring days are better than winter..."

3-Page Document:

1/2 Page Planning Worksheet

Opinion Writing Rubric:

Monday, May 9, 2016

1st Grade News - 5/9/16

Spelling Enrichment Words for This Week:

I hope all mothers and guardians had a wonderful day yesterday!

Mother's Day & Father's Day 4-page Document

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

1st Grade News - 5/2/16

Spelling Enrichment Words:

Last week we read stories that shared a common theme:  helping others.

An example of a leveled reader used for small-group reading instruction.  
Our basal reading series offers three levels to support literacy instruction: approaching, at-level and beyond level

The helping others theme sequed to a focus on friendly letter writing skills. It was a great opportunity to thank people in our lives who help us.  In first grade, letter writing skills include the five parts of a friendly letter (date, greeting, body, closing, signature).

Our building administrative assistant is appreciated and loved by all!

I created six different writing templates so students could choose a design.  This is a link to that six-page document.   

After learning about roles and responsibilities of various community and school employees, students elected to compare a school cook and policeman.  At the bottom of the Venn diagram, students wrote a sentence about a job they'd like to have someday.


Link for Social Studies Venn Diagram

Partners discussed the Venn diagrams and shared their "When I grow up..." statements.

At the end of the week, we created a hallway display to share ways we create a caring community. 

This poster is also a song in student's poetry binders.

 Link for Hello, Neighbor

She's so sweet and always willing to lend a helping hand!

I hope the first week of May is a wonderful week for you!