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9/19/16 - 1st Grade News

Link for 1st Grade News

At the beginning of the school year, our word wall consists of student names and kindergarten word wall words.  McGraw Hill-Wonders is our basal reading series so we begin with 40 kindergarten words and add approximately 150 additional words throughout the year.  Before the start of this school year, I moved my word wall display and stapled all words under corresponding alphabet header cards.  When new words are introduced (approximately 4-6 words per week) I turn the word cards over.  

Reading Rockets provides an interesting post about using word walls to develop high-frequency word knowledge.  The five colorful vowel cards that are displayed on my word wall are part of the wonderful Phonics Dance chant.  We review short vowel sounds at the beginning of the word work block every day.

Below are links for documents I created for my classroom word wall.

Link for Kindergarten Word Wall Word Cards (7 pages)

Link for 1st Grade Word Wall Word Cards (28 pages)

Link for Alphabet Header Cards

These super awesome first grade friends are working hard on extending kindness to others! 

Table mates often lend a helping hand.

Friends show respect for one another and the playground rules.

Sometimes kindness comes in the form of a warm hug for a loving older sibling.

Friends show kindness by listening attentively while others read.

Helpful math partners are kind, patient and attentive.

Kindness matters with these first grade friends!  :)

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