Monday, September 5, 2016

9/5/16 1st Grade News

Link for 1st Grade News

Most first graders enjoy journaling about weekend adventures.  They get to write about topics of interest and special people in their lives.  Weekend journal writing provides great practice for beginning readers to apply their level of phonetic understanding while more proficient readers begin to integrate grammar, mechanics and writing process skills.  

Weekend journal entries are kept in writing folders.

Link for 2-Page Weekend Journal Writing

"My Writing Journal"

My family is nice and funny.  We play together and read stories together and help others.

Last weekend, me and my dad played Minecraft.

This is a 2-page entry, continued on the back ...

The "My Writing Journals" are used during writing workshop when we're working on a particular technique or unit of study.  Students also write in journals during "work on writing" to finish workshop activities or to self-select a topic.  Students appreciate the opportunity to choose writing topics. 

Journal covers are printed on cardstock, then bound into booklets that contain about 20 writing pages printed back to back.

Link for 3-Page Journal Writing (Cover and Writing Pages)

Tomorrow, I look forward to reading about Labor Day Weekend adventures!

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