Thursday, October 13, 2016

1st Grade News - 10/17/16

In a blink, our first quarter has come to an end...

For the past nine weeks, four differentiated reading groups were busy working on a variety of skills: letter-sound correlation, phonemic awareness activities, sight word reading, decoding skills and comprehension strategies.  Differentiated spelling meant three spelling lists each week, and 3 different spelling tests on Friday!  Thankfully, these little first grade friends made it possible to quickly establish an efficient testing routine that allowed all students to study a challenging spelling list.  Although we don't report a writing grade the first quarter, we transitioned from the beginning of the year when many students wrote words to label a picture to now, writing a sentence or two on topic.  Writing is differentiated as well as students write at their independent levels in writing journals throughout the school year.

In math, we reviewed kindergarten addition and subtraction concepts, worked on two-digit number writing, skip counting and reading and writing numbers to 120.  In social studies, we worked on rules and responsibilities and incorporated a school-wide kindness initiative.  A science project with apples and an outdoor exploration allowed students to work on science discovery skills.  We also spent a great deal of time adjusting to a new online reading and math program called iReady.  I'm looking forward to second quarter and hope it brings more efficiency to that routine as well.

One of the many things I love about working with first graders is their flexibility and patience.  These pictures feature the children during read-to-others and read-to-self activities.  I love the way the kids make these activities work.  Some enjoy an audience, while others prefer a more personal interaction.   It's such a privilege to witness their kindness toward others and love for reading.

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