Sunday, October 9, 2016

1st Great News - 10/10/16

Link for 1st Grade News

To supplement phonics instruction, we use Ginny Dowd's - The Phonics Dance.

Kindergarten students are introduced to letters and corresponding sounds through chants and dance movements.  In first grade, students learn hunks and chunks (digraphs, long vowels, variant vowel sounds), also through chants and movements.  The purpose of this program is to improve decoding and ultimately reading comprehension.  Readers who recognize hunks and chunks instantly are able to decode unknown words quickly, allowing the focus to shift from decoding to comprehension.

One of the reasons I love The Phonics Dance program is that it can be used with any basal reading series.  A few years ago, our district adopted McGraw Hill WONDERS and the integration of The Phonics Dance was seamless.

I created word cards to add to the hunks and chunks.  Students constantly reference the display and are thrilled to make connections while reading and writing.

Link for Word Cards (7 pages)

We are nearing the end of first quarter and my first grade friends have done a great job transitioning to first grade expectations and routines.  Starting the school day with Heidi Songs, "I Can Follow the Rules"  has been an outstanding addition to our routine!

Students are following along with this YouTube video.

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