Sunday, January 22, 2017

1st Grade News ~ 1/23/17

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We have a wonderful parent in our classroom who just published her first children's book and I'm so excited for author, Sarah Beebe!  (Click on name for author bio on Amazon.)

Sarah Beebe

While visiting our class last Friday, this awesome mommy (and former teacher!) read her book to the children.  The kiddos loved it - a visit from a published author and a book about two golden retrievers!  The students were super thrilled to discover Mrs. Beebe brought the main characters to share.  Stuffed animals, Sunni and Goldie received as much TLC as their real-life counterparts.

(Click on picture for link to Amazon.)

This adorable, beautifully written children's book is available on Amazon.  Check it out!  I loved reading the terrific reviews!

Below is a little snippet of a few customer reviews for A Golden Adventure - The Hunt for the Missing Rainbow 😊

One of my first grade friends couldn't wait to read The Hunt for the Missing Rainbow to her little brother so she borrowed the book on Friday.  There is nothing better than an outstanding children's book that inspires young children to read independently!  

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