Monday, February 27, 2017

1st Grade News ~ 2/27/17

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Have you explored the outstanding site Tagul for creating word cloud art?  

With the help of our building media specialist, our first grade students completed a fantastic Tagul word cloud project to tie into a reading unit about animals.  Two nonfiction selections - From Puppy to Guide Dog and Koko and Penny introduced the children to different ways people work with animals.

These kids are fantastic listeners!

Working in the Media Center 

After studying the reading selections, we began two projects.  The first project was a booklet about a favorite animal, shaped in a paw with writing prompts on each page.  The template for the project came from a Scholastic Book called All About Me Write & Read Books.  The children had a great time gathering information about favorite animals from books in our classroom library and an encyclopedia app.  

The second project was the awesome word cloud art!  Students chose ten words about their favorite animal for the word clouds.  They did a fabulous job experimenting with Tagul and learning about the shape, font and color options.  I love how eager, little first graders explore and learn about technology with confidence and enthusiasm!  It's great to watch these fun projects unfold.

It's hard to believe we are nearing the end of February and have only three months until the end of the school year.... 

I hope your week is filled with happiness and wonderful learning experiences!

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