Monday, March 27, 2017

1st Grade News ~ 3/27/17

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Author's Chair

This special activity allows children to share writings with friends and receive a few compliments and positive feedback.  Who doesn't love to hear praise...  This week, fifteen of eighteen students chose to share.

Writing blocks always begin with a mini-lesson.  Children receive constructive feedback during individual writing conferences.  I "conference" with all students one time each week.  Revisions and edits take place after conferences, before taking a seat on the special author's chair.

Revise and edit samples (colored pens)

adding revisions

a revision - the closing sentence and an edit - end punctuation

Hopefully, the second week of spring is off to a great start for you and your family!

1st Grade News for the week of March 20th that I forgot to upload.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

1st Grade News ~ 3/6/17

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One way we practice fluency in first grade is through poetry and song.  We maintain poetry binders that to date are filled with a collection of 58 poems and songs.  Each student brings in a binder at the beginning of the school year.  Binders are kept in student desks and used at various times throughout the day.

We begin the day with two poems (or songs.)  After the class meeting, the junior teacher chooses two poems or songs for students to sing/read together.  During centers and morning work, students read from poetry binders independently and/or with partners.  They love partner reading and singing!

I finally put some poems together in one document that you can download here.  This year I added a collection of nursery rhymes to help my ELL population develop phonological skills.  The other students enjoy the familiar rhymes as well.  

The poetry binder collection is a work in progress but for now, it's a 75-page document.  We love learning history through poetry and reading from the awesome Jack Prelutsky collection!  There's no doubt - learning is fun when you can dance and sing a little in school!

Happy Learning!

A few of the poems...