Sunday, May 18, 2014

5/19/14 Newsletter


The children's poetry binder collections now include more than 70 poems and songs.  We're adding a few this week as we prepare for Memorial Day discussions and our field trip to the zoo.
Link to upload or view this poem
The frame at the bottom of the poetry page is for drawing pictures.  The children love to draw and write about their connections.


Link for Stars and Stripes Poem

A few weeks ago we had a wonderful  group of parents on hand to help the children learn about seed and plant growth. The children planted seeds to grow pea plants in recycled milk cartons and also placed seeds in "greenhouse" containers along the windows to observe the seed's growth. 

(We planted 4 extra pea plants and the children are now observing what happens to plants when they don't have air, water or sunlight.)


Planting pea plants in recycled milk cartons

Watering the seeds

Creating the greenhouses took a lot of time, patience and parent help!

The greenhouses were taped to the classroom windows.

After about 10 days, we removed the seeds (plants) from the greenhouse baggies and the children measured and compared the stem and root growth. 

  The children also measured and compared the plant growth. 

He measured the growth of his pea plant and then recorded observations in his writing journal.  This proud, young fella just couldn't wait to share his journal entry with me!

Their enthusiasm is contagious!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

5/12/14 Newsletter

One of my little friends made this poster, and it's true, sometimes it looks/feels more like Robot Town than a first grade classroom.  Well, we aren't bidding farewell to these creations just yet.  Last week, the children worked on geometry and the skill of opinion writing when they wrote about why robots are important (or not).  This week, we'll revisit nonstandard measurement skills to measure various parts of the robots.

"It's Robot Town!!!!!"


Do you think robots are important?  Why?
"Robots go out in outerspace to investigate.  They also have to save people when they are in danger!"

Composite Figures
They're so proud of their creations!

Link for this week's classroom newsletter
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

5/5/14 Newsletter & Robots

Link for this week's classroom newsletter
We are just beginning a fun-filled unit about robots in which we'll integrate science, math and language arts activities.  We had 7 wonderful parent volunteers on-hand at the end of last week to help the children create their own robots out of recycled household items.  The creations included a transformer, hair stylist, artist, Lego-building friend, tooth fairy, rock star, and a chef, just to name a few.  These kiddos love to build and create, and let me tell you, robots aren't just for boys!  The girls also did a fabulous job designing a variety of interesting robots!  I'm so proud of all these children. :)
 Our parent helpers!
Glue, glue and more glue...

Patiently waiting in line...

Helping with the aluminum foil and lots of cutting...

The finished products:

(I need to retake his picture!)

 Last year, I created a packet I uploaded to tpt, as well as this 7-page packet.
I can't wait to share their opinion writings and measurement activity.
Happy learning!