Sunday, January 22, 2017

1st Grade News ~ 1/23/17

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We have a wonderful parent in our classroom who just published her first children's book and I'm so excited for author, Sarah Beebe!  (Click on name for author bio on Amazon.)

Sarah Beebe

While visiting our class last Friday, this awesome mommy (and former teacher!) read her book to the children.  The kiddos loved it - a visit from a published author and a book about two golden retrievers!  The students were super thrilled to discover Mrs. Beebe brought the main characters to share.  Stuffed animals, Sunni and Goldie received as much TLC as their real-life counterparts.

(Click on picture for link to Amazon.)

This adorable, beautifully written children's book is available on Amazon.  Check it out!  I loved reading the terrific reviews!

Below is a little snippet of a few customer reviews for A Golden Adventure - The Hunt for the Missing Rainbow 😊

One of my first grade friends couldn't wait to read The Hunt for the Missing Rainbow to her little brother so she borrowed the book on Friday.  There is nothing better than an outstanding children's book that inspires young children to read independently!  

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Year's Super Heroes!

We kicked off the New Year with a little super heroes activity.  For this project,  we talked about attitudes and mindset and how we positively impact others and make a difference by improving our own behaviors and attitude.  The beauty of this discussion is realizing we can make a difference by opening our hearts to make life better for someone else.

2017 Super Heroes!

I will be nicer to my baby brother.
This year I will make a difference by playing with kids on the buddy bench.

I will help my dad make a treehouse.  
This year I will make a difference by giving people food.

I will try to keep my room cleaner.
This year I will make a difference by making new friends.

I will try a back handspring.
This year I will make a difference by helping kids who are hurt.

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1st Grade News - 1/17/17

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Monday, January 9, 2017

1st Grade News ~ 1/9/17

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Our room parents put together fun games and activities for classroom parties!  These are pictures from the December holiday party.

1st grade friends

Students had a great time coloring a tree ornament to take home.

Holiday theme Bingo - so much fun!

Activity - the challenge was to use a straw to collect as many marshmallows as possible.

Parent helpers help make classroom parties a huge success for children!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

1st Grade News - 1/2/2017

Happy New Year!  
I hope this day finds you and your family happy, healthy and ready for 2017!  

Once upon a time...

The new year will bring a new genre to first graders...  Our basal reading program introduces 1st graders to fairy tales with the story, The Nice Mitten.  Students will learn characteristics of tall tales and most importantly, develop a love and appreciation for this genre.  

(Many young learners are often surprised to learn fairy tales do not have to include fairies.😊)

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